Sealcoating Company in Severna Park, MD

Seal Coating

If you are located in Severna Park, MD, and want that extra layer of protection for your asphalt surface, look to Standard Striping.  Our skilled technicians are trained to offer premium seal coating services that not only provide an extra layer of protection for your asphalt but can help return your asphalt to fresh black pavement that is as visually appealing as it is sturdier.  Our crews will work diligently to inspect your asphalt before beginning the seal coating process, and then, with the use of the highest quality seal coating material and advanced equipment, they will start applying the mixture of water base, polymer additives, and sand silica with other materials to achieve the perfect mix for sealing your asphalt surfaces.  Once the surface is cleared of debris, we apply the seal coat mixture from edge to edge, ensuring no space is missed.  We are here to answer any questions you have.

Having your asphalt professionally seal coating can help prevent premature breakdown. It can offer protection from water, gas, chemicals, sun, snow, and other surface damage that can occur in high-traffic areas and extreme weather conditions.  Suppose there is any damage to the surface before the application of the seal coating material. In that case, our crews can repair these issues and move forward with applying the seal coating to achieve more years of use from your asphalt by offering the necessary protection to avoid deterioration that outside elements can cause. We provide free estimates.  Here at Standard Striping, we have been serving our customers’ asphalt and seal coating needs for over three decades. From affordable prices and our high-quality work, you can rest assured that you have come to the proper palace for your seal coating needs in Severna Park, MD, and surrounding areas.