Thermoplastic Road Markings

Thermoplastic road markings are more visible, and they last longer than other markings. Visible markings make roads safer and reduce the number of accidents. This is why they are ideal for busy streets and high traffic areas.

Thermoplastic road markings are used to create thick markings, making it easier for people to see warning signs that they might overlook during low visibility. The thermoplastic road marking paint used is hard-wearing and doesn’t degrade quickly. Once painted, traffic doesn’t have to wait for long because thermoplastic paint dries quickly.

At Standard Striping Inc., we provide thermoplastic road marking services for traffic signs, deceleration lanes, acceleration lanes, stop bars, bike paths, crosswalks, pedestrian walking trails, school zone warnings, letters, symbols, numbers, yield markings, arrows, speed tablets, and more.

Our seasoned experts are readily available to create eye-catching thermoplastic road markings for you.