Asphalt Crack Filling and Crack Sealing

The two main enemies of asphalt pavement are:

1. Water
2. Weather changes that make asphalt expand and contract

It’s essential to fill the cracks as soon as they appear in asphalt because if they are left open for long, they will allow moisture to enter the sub-base and significantly damage your pavement.

At Standard Striping Inc, we have a team of professional crack fillers and sealers readily available to fix the damage.

We use rubberized sealants, asphalt emulsions, polymer and rubber modified fillers, asphalt rubber, etc., to thoroughly fill and seal the cracks. The material we use to fill and seal cracks varies based on the type of cracks and also the weather conditions.

Let’s save your asphalt pavement by repairing every single crack today! Our crack filling and crack sealing services are available to you now! Extend the life of your pavement by contacting us today for a free estimate!