Sealcoating Annapolis MD


If you are located in Annapolis, MD, and want extra protection for your asphalt surface, consider Standard Striping.  Our technicians are professionally trained to offer the highest quality seal coating services that add additional protection for your characters. Paying attention to every detail, we will go over your asphalt before we begin the seal coating process and then, with the use of seal coating mixture and our advanced equipment, begin applying the combination of sand silica, polymer additives, and water with other material to create the perfect mix.  Once the surface is adequately cleared of debris, we will apply the seal coat mixture from side to side to avoid missing any spots and ensure the consistency is evenly covered. The seal coating also helps return your asphalt to the like-new black shine we have all grown accustomed to. If you have any questions, contact us.

When you have your asphalt seal coated professionally, it can help slow deterioration. It can offer protection from the damage water, gas, chemicals, snow, sun, rain, and other surface damage that can happen when your asphalt has high traffic use or is located where the weather change is extreme from season to season.  If the surface is damaged, technicians have to  repair any potholes or cracks before applying the seal coating. Applying the seal coating material will allow you to get many more years of use from your asphalt by offering extra protection. Get your free estimate. At Standard Striping, we have been serving our customers’ asphalt and seal coating needs since 1988. With competitive pricing and professional quality work, you will see that you have made the best choice for your seal coating needs in Crofton, MD, and surrounding areas.