Crack-filling Annapolis MD


If you have a parking lot or other asphalt surface and have noticed cracks begin to form, contact us at Standard Striping of Annapolis, MD, today. We offer our customers in the Annapolis area superior customer service, budget-friendly options, and professional crack filling to prevent further damage to their asphalt surfaces. Crack filling is a process where we use a high-quality mix of polymer, rubber-modified fillers, asphalt fillers, and rubberized sealants. As you can see, we offer various options of high-quality crack fillers that can serve as the choice filler depending on the location and the climate where we perform the crack filling services. Even the best quality asphalt will deteriorate over time under heavy traffic conditions and environmental exposure. Weather changes from hot to cold and cold to hot, allowing the asphalt to expand and contract causing small fissures that eventually develop into cracks that must be filled to prevent further damage.

If you have any apparent cracks, we suggest repairing them as soon as possible. Here at Standard Striping, we have well-trained technicians that will use the appropriate high-quality emulsion blend to fill your cracks and extend the life of your asphalt surface. Not filling gaps can allow water or other moisture to get into the sub-surface, causing damage that can result in costly repairs or even the need to replace your asphalt.  We offer free estimates. With years of experience in the crack-filling industry, we have been providing our services since 1998. As your go-to asphalt services provider in Annapolis, MD, and surrounding areas, we look forward to hearing from you soon.